About Me

I'm Władysław Czyżewski. I'm software engineering consultant based in Warsaw, Poland.



My journey starts back in the mid-2000s, when grass was greener, Facebook didn't exist, and weird dial-up modem connection sounds could still be heard in some houses. Since the very first line of code, I continuously develop my skill to solve IT problems that fit all requirements of stakeholders – not only as a software engineer but also as a business partner to propose the best available solution.

Along my journey in IT, I have worked in more or less complicated projects with .NET (Framework, Core), JavaScript (NodeJS, React, React Native), Python, RDBs (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL), NoSQL, Cloud (AWS mostly, Azure, recently discovering features of OVH cloud platform) – this is a shortlist of keywords for my more than 8 years commercial experience. I would say – I'm a platform and technology agnostic evangelist, my commercial and non-commercial experience makes me feel, that every single project requires a unique approach and unique toolset and my favorite answer – "it depends".

During my studies on UITM in Rzeszów (Poland), I was also participated in the university's .NET User Group – both as a listener and as a mentor for younger students. In my free time I'm sharing my knowledge on my personal blog.

The client's voices:

… I had a chance to review the codebase, which I haven’t done for some time. I wanted to say – great work! It’s looking very well maintained. I’m very pleased to see the Unit test coverage – nice work … – Lead Delivery Manager, Liverpool-based small-sized company

… you have added a lot of value by understanding the model logic, checking and validating the solution we are implementing for it’s accuracy against the intended model i.e. it’s your logical and precise brain which was and it is the greatest asset for us in this project … – CTO, London-based medium-sized company